Effective October 1, 2021

Business Checking Accounts

Monthly Fee

Business Debit Cards

Community Champion Checking
First 100 Transactions no charge A,C
$0Reissued Card$10
Business Checking
First 250 Transactions no charge A,C
$0Reissued Card- Expedited Shipment$40
Convenience Business CheckingB
Monthly fee waived with $15,000 combined balances. First 500 Transactions no charge A,C
Commercial Checking
Transaction Fees
  • Deposits $.85
  • Per Item Deposited $.10
  • Checks Paid $.20
  • ACH Credits/Debits $.25

  • Fees offset by Interest Earnings Credit

    Business Savings Accounts

    Monthly Fee
    Business Savings
    Fee waived with $500 minimum balance

    ACH Origination

    Business Money Market
    Fee waived with $10,000 minimum balance
    $10Monthly Maintenance Fee$30

    Business Online Services

    ACH EDI Detail Notification$25
    Business Online Banking$0ACH Files$1
    Business Mobile Banking$0ACH Originated Items- Credit$.25

    Account Service Fees

    ACH Originated Items- Debit$.25
    Abandoned Property/ Escheatment$50ACH Returned Items$10
    Dormant / Inactive Account D$5
    Insufficient Funds - Item ReturnedE$33

    Remote Deposit Capture

    Insufficient Funds - Item Paid (OOPS)E$33Monthly Maintenance Fee$50
    International Check Collection$251st Check Scanner
    Additional scanners provided for a monthly rental charge of $15 ea.
    Levy and Garnishment Processing$50RDC (per item)$.10
    Overdraft Protection from Savings / MMK$8RDC (per deposit)$.60
    Returned Deposit Item$10
    Duplicate Statement or Item Copy$6

    Miscellaneous Service Fees

    Stop Payment (per check)$30Account Research / Reconciliation (hourly)$25
    TIN Correction$50Coin Machine - Customer$0
    Wire Transfer- Incoming$10Coin Machine - Noncustomer4%
    Wire Transfer - Outgoing$25Notary Services -Customer$0
    Bank Cashier Check$5Notary Services - Noncustomer$1.25
    Money Order$3Returned/ Undeliverable Mail$2

    All fees are for each occurrence unless noted otherwise
    A – Transactions are deposit slips, deposited items, checks paid, and ACH Debits/Credits
    B – Combined balances based on same Tax ID. This includes Deposit accounts and outstanding commercial loan balances excluding commercial real estate loans
    C – Fee of $.35 per each item over statement cycle allowance
    D – Dormant fee assessed monthly on your account following 24 months of inactivity
    E – Each time an item is re-presented, we make a new decision whether to pay or return the item and we may charge you an insufficient funds fee at that time