Mortgage Rates

Rates Effective as of 01/19/2018
NPNC=No Points No Closing Costs. (100K minimum loan amount)

ProductPointsInterest RateAnnual
per $1,000
30 Year Fixed0 points4.125%4.17%$4.85
20 Year Fixed 0 Points3.875%3.94%$6.00
15 Year Fixed 0 points3.50%3.58%$7.15
10 Year Fixed 0 points2.75%2.87%$9.55
Fixed Construction Permanent1 point4.125%4.26%$4.85
Jumbo Fixed Rate2 points 3.875%4.08%$4.71
1 point3.99%4.12%$4.77
0 points4.125%4.17%$4.85
Home Possible 95% Mortgage
30 Year Fixed0 points4.125%4.17%$4.85
30 Year FixedNPNC4.375%4.38%$5.00
Home Possible Advantage
30 Year Fixed0 points4.125%4.17%$4.85
30 Year FixedNPNC4.375%4.38%$5.00
Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Rate may increase after origination
ProductPointsInterest RateAnnual
per $1,000
7/1 ARM2 points3.00%4.15%$4.22
1 point3.125%4.10%$4.29
0 points3.25%4.07%$4.36
7/1 ARM Jumbo2 points3.125%4.24%$4.29
1 point3.25%4.22%$4.36
0 points3.375%4.19%$4.43
5/1 ARM2 points2.75%4.15%$4.09
1 point2.875%4.11%$4.15
0 points2.99%4.07%$4.22
5/1 ARM
Affordable Mortgage
0 points2.99%4.07%$4.22
3/1 ARM2 points2.50%4.33%$3.96
1 point2.625%4.28%$4.02
0 points2.75%4.23%$4.09
One Year ARM1 point2.375%4.54%$3.89
0 points2.50%4.47%$3.96
5/1 ARM Investment0 points3.875%4.93%$5.37
30 Year Fixed Investment
<75% LTV0 points4.75%4.80%$5.22
>75% <80% LTV0 points4.99%5.04%$5.37
>80%0 points5.25%5.30%$5.53

All rates subject to change as market changes and without notice; restrictions may apply.

Loan Level price adjustments may apply.

Lending area limited to MA, RI and northern CT)

APR Based on $100,000 @ 80% LTV and basic fees applicable to all mortgage loans. Other fees affecting APR may apply. Payment per $1,000 does not include taxes or insurance. Life of loan servicing by Milford Federal. Lower fixed rate programs may be available.

Maximum loan amounts vary by product and property.

Fixed Rate:  1 Family $424,100. 2 Family $543,000. 3 Family $656,350. 4 Family $815,650.

Fixed Jumbo:  1 & 2 family owner occupied primary residences. Loan amounts greater than $424,100 to $650,000. Loan amounts greater than $650,000 – $1,000,000 add .25% to the rate.

ARM 1 and 4 family, owner and non-owner occupied $450,000.  ARM Jumbo 1 and 2 family, owner occupied $650,000.

Other residential mortgage loan programs are available, both for property owners and builders.

To get current rates and details on all of Milford Federals mortgage loan programs, call our Mortgage Rate Lines at 508-478-8434 (MA) or 401-766-6642 (RI) or visit one of our four banking offices.

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