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Welcome to Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association




Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association is aware of the “Heartbleed” Internet bug which was disclosed publicly on April 8, 2014. The Heartbleed bug is a defect in encryption technology used by many web and mobile servers to secure users’ personal or financial information. There have been major web sites, including mail providers and social networking sites which have acknowledged their services were vulnerable and have already been patched. 
 Milford Federal is researching the possible impact of the Heartbleed bug and is taking appropriate actions to ensure that it has no impact on our customers. To this point we have not discovered any of the web or mobile services we offer to have ever been vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.
 As always, it is a good idea to update your bank password every few months. Also, monitor your account regularly and report suspicious transactions to the bank immediately.
 Like any highly publicized news story, the Heartbleed bug will most certainly result in malicious e-mails, texts and phone calls attempting to take advantage of the situation. Beware of e-mails with malicious links or any communications requesting account or personal information. Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association will not request personal or password information pertaining to customer financial records via email. Please contact us immediately if you receive a request for this type of information.
 Remember, our customers are always protected from any unauthorized transactions. Let the bank know immediately if you suspect any unusual activity.


Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association offers a full line of services to the community, including all types of savings accounts and certificates, checking accounts, home mortgages and consumer loans. We specialize in owner-occupied home mortgages and remain committed to offering good, sound financial products to residents in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Northern Connecticut. Milford Federal’s history of exceptional customer service makes us one of the area’s most popular banks. Just ask one of our customers!

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